Friday, November 19, 2010

New Arrivals....

You have all the rights to disagree with me!

  • "The best addiction in life is.. When you Read! Read! Read! AND there is NO end of reading. Thats what human is ought to do." [Emad Sohail]

  • "When things are not working as you planned, then keep your head down and work steadily and wait for the right moment." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Academia and Office Work are two different Roads." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Philosophy and its Delivery is another Philosophy." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Man and Woman can never be good friends because of their distinct physique. Thats why Allah SWT made them for each other." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Good thing in life is to know that I am happy." [Emad Sohail]

  • "My statement of confess before my Immortal Beloved (Allah SWT): 'His love is so cold, alone, weak and covered up with mildew of sins and wants to hug Your Holy presence to live and stay happy forever.....' [Emad Sohail]

  • "Confidence!! I always found hard to get. I never figured that out? Now I come to know that the magnitude of intuitions which my mind catches daily, making this happen for me. Which means...Thank you Allah SWT for everything." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Genius is a Misfit for the organization. But Why? Because, No Employer likes to shutdown his business because of this common infirmity to understand the word Genius." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Motivational Statement for me: 'Albert Einstein was an absent minded Professor.' Wah-hoo!" [Emad Sohail]

  • "People hate you, as soon as you get on top, they give you sympathy, when you fall down But they laugh at you, when you become a loser". [Emad Sohail]

You have all rights to copy my quotes and use them. I would only request you to please quote with proper citations..

Thank you!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All My Quotes

I would like to share with you some of my quotes. I hope you would like them.

You have all the rights to disagree with me!

  • "The pills may remove your biological pains but the eternal damnation can only be removed through sincere repentance". [Emad Sohail]

  • "I NEITHER forgive! NOR forget! What people did to me in this life? I stack up all the cases and wait for hereafter, whereon I will be The Jury and the wicked people will hear my verdict of ‘Being Guilty!!' Because this will be the best reply of my patience of planet earth....[Emad Sohail]

  • "Every time I repent, I am blessed." [Emad Sohail]

  • "People will say many things in front and behind you. You have to act as if you are watching Charlie Chaplin show." [Emad Sohail]

  • "A man without Quranic Knowledge is unlucky BUT A Muslim without Quranic Knowledge is like a man who has committed suicide just because he was born blind and cannot make good out of his life." [Emad Sohail]

  • "The real happiness comes when you look up the sky and thank God for everything." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Worst man is the one whose conduct with his people is discriminatory". [Emad Sohail]

  • "When you give a poor everything that you have and for this action you have no regrets, it is the best business-deal you have signed with your God". [Emad Sohail]

  • "Knowledge is an invaluable gift from your God, whether you are rich or poor if you understand that!! By the way! you can be buried with Armani suit in a gold plated casket along with orchestra music procession.." [Emad Sohail]

  • "A good leader is the one who can dare to stand before his people and ask them to criticize him." [Emad Sohail]

  • "Your unconditional love with your wife is amongst the best motivation of your life." [Emad Sohail]

You have all rights to copy my quotes and use them. I would only request you to please quote with proper citations..

Thank you!